Kara – s/t LP

Rip-off logos always amaze me. I don’t get them. Why do they do it? No ideas? For fun? Out of fashion? Speaking about fashion… KARA state on their bandcamp page they do not care about fame as they don’t run their fb page. Stil waiting for my doze of fame since I am on fb. Anyways, sod the unimportant, here comes the art of KARA.

The band features musicians from well known, established and … famous punk bands such as Morus, Antidotum, Kinsky, Dezerter, TZN Xenna and more. And this is what you hear, a blend of all these punk acts which, in its own unique way, makes KARA pretty original in terms of sound and style. Dirty guitars sound, old-school drums sound, old-school punk vocals. In fact, it all is very old-school, as if KARA longed for the good old times when punk in Poland started to form and encouraged school boys and girls to join its forces. I take KARA as a tribute band to those times that are gone and shall never be forgotten. I can hear early ARMIA, some SIEKIERA, ABADDON d-beat and XENNA riffs, and it instantly puts me into nostalgic mode.

Now, change the bloody logo and fuck the rest. KARA.