Schröttersburg – Om Shanti Om LP

SCHRÖTTERSBURG have been growing on me for quite a time. I always liked their post punk from previous records, but out of so many post punk band around I had choice and they had competition. Until now…

I know they have been experimenting with the sound, the music and the instruments and this records proves they haven’t been wasting time. And knowing they did it in a short period of time during the pandemic with no gigs to play, they prove to be very skilled musicians.

I take this record as a concept album with six tracks all numbered from I to VI. Judging by the record title “shanti”, which, I believe, means peace in Hindi, one can expect references to Hindi culture, sounds and atmosphere. And this is what you’re getting plus a lot more. Equipped with instruments I never heard of because I am ignorant: kalimba, karatala or Aztec whistle death which all do the trick along with sheet metal, oil barrels and congos, SCHRÖTTERSBURG do their magic like no other band. There are still references to post punk, of course, this is where they come from ,so I am not suspecting them to drop it for good, but they go and experiment a lot with more sounds, more styles, more music. Slowness here becomes the air. Instruments are spices. Vocals do climate. It’s heavy, sultry hot and very, very atmospheric. Post punk turns into noise, silence into exotic sounds and lyrics remind you your time here, right on this very planet is limited.

One of the best records I’ve heard this year.

Zoharum | DIY Koło Records | N.I.C. Records | Bat-Cave Productions

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