Agida - demo

(review) AGIDA – demo

For those of you who live far away from Belarus may seem that there is no such thing as DIY punk scene under the regime of Lukashenko.  Wrong.  There are bands, there are zines, there are gigs.  And among them all, there is AGIDA.  They are from Grodno and they are young fellows full of anger and energy.  They recorded a short, 3 song demo, available only on Bandcamp but I’m sure they will release something on a proper format sooner or later.

Meanwhile, this demo takes you from a delicate introduction by acustic guitars and a violin to the eruption of brutal blackened crust with paranoid and angry vocals.  The tempo varies, the vocals are always sick and lyrics are no positive news.  It’s all gloomy, rainy, heavy and dirty.  And this is what you would expect from a young band from a country under totalitarian regime, desperatly fighting for human rights!

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