(review) APORIA – Rottunmeroog LP

APORIA - Rottunmeroog

It is important to take a break, from anything you do.  Also, from the genres of music we listen to on regular basis.  So if your everyday playlist consists of mostly fast and crusty stuff and you feel like something different, yet very inspiring and thought provoking, this one you have to consider.

APORIA come from Poland and this is their second release.  Not a lengthy material I must admit, but very concise and precise.  Screamo hardcore as they call it and yet this is an appropriate coin for that matter.  I would add emo, as well, to round it off.  So do not expect fast tempos here, but do anticipate emotional hardcore with plenty of time to think things over, whatever is on your mind at the moment.  Not a heavy sound, but they are cabale of being angry, both musically and lyrically.

If you are a travel nerd like I am, the title of the record takes you to an island called Rottunmeroog, which is nice to know about, because I didn’t.  A very symbolic place it is, located near the coast of The Netherlands with no slid core, it is left to float and depend on the sea currents.  Home for birds, this island is left for nature to decide what happens next.  There are very rare excursions organised to the island, so you might be lucky enough to place your foot there before it disappers.  Make sure this record will be your soundtrack to this visit.

The release is a joint venture of 4 Polish record labels and it is a beuatiful release.  My copy has a white vinyl in a black envelope all packed in a white cover depicting Rottunmeroog.  On the down side however, the lyrics are in Polish with no translations provided so you are missing part of this art.  Nonetheless, check them out, they are touring Europe second half of September, so they might be near you.  The dates are below.  Happy travelling.

(45 rpm)

DIY Koło Records, Hidden Beauty Records, Extinction Records, Black Wednesday Records


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