(review) BARAKA FACE JUNTA – Jak ogien LP


Do you remember a band from Ireland (I think!), called F.U.A.L. and their only full length called Fuck Up and Live! ?  Released in 1989 it was a blast of melodic anarcho punk with female fronted vocals.  If you haven’t heard them, it is time to make it up.  Because, BARAKA FACE JUNTA is a natural continuation of what F.U.A.L. started.  Not that it was intentional, it is just my personal connotation between the bands and you may very well disagree with me.  Very well played anarcho punk full of melody, anger, political lyrics and positive energy.  It is female fronted, it is fierce and sweet at the same time, because you know all you hear comes from the hearts of active punks from Poland.  You may hear some very old CHUMBAS here as well, which I think is a big plus.

Add a great packaging to complete the picture, lyrics translated into English and here is your new favourite anarcho punk band.  Blast!

(33 rpm)

Trująca Fala, DIY Koło Records, Extinction Records

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