(review) DÖDLAGE – Ritual Slaughter LP + s/t EP cassette



Portland’s d-beat crust punks DÖDLAGE here on cassette tape from Drop Out Records.  A release for those who missed the vinyl releases.  

It starts with the slow, gloomy and sludgy intro called “Sanctuary Rites” but you’d be wrong thinking this is the mood of the whole release.  “Internal Crisis” starts and the d-beat mayhem kicks off.  Most songs are between 40 and 90 seconds so there is no time to think about the riffs and get too melancholic.  This is the record to mosh to, only “This is Bliss” lets you rest here.  

Very raw sound from DÖDLAGE, especially the one on the bonus tracks coming from their self-titled EP.  Great mixture of UK crust punk in the vein of DOOM and ENT meeting the harshness of Swedish hardcore.  Made in USA.

The cassette is still available, so get in touch with Drop Out.  It’s a classic already.