PARASIT – Samhällets Paria LP

Third full length album from Sweden’s most exciting d-beat band formed in the new millenium, with members from DISKONTO, ASOCIAL or UNCURBED. I don’t know why they decided not to use their original logo featured on previous releases but this is what you sometimes get from Swedish bands – minimalism. You also find that feature […]

CURSED BLOOD – Taker of Life LP

Back to reviewing routine at the of the year and I kick off with an album that has great chances to end up in my personal TOP 3 of 2020 LPs. CURSED BLOOD are from Greece and they are a new creation although members have played in punk and metal bands, such as Dead Congregation, […]

PROP 013 – A new release from us!


We owe you a PROP 013 release info. This is WAR//PLAGUE – Into the Depths + Temperaments of War EP, two killer records on one CD. Released still in 2020. Already a classic and by some regarded as the best crust album in 2018/2019, “Into the Depths” is a thoroughly planned and cold-bloodedly executed crust […]


A debut vinyl release from this Toronto based crust band with members from ABSOLUT and IDNS. Phobia Records seems most appropriate to release such stenchy and crusty noise as they specialise in discovering little germs like that. 4 short-ish tracks with break-your-neck kind of attitude. Very heavy guitar sound, maniac vocals that provide this additional […]

SNAKE TONGUE – No Escape – No Excuse EP

Snake Tongue

  This is my first encounter with Linköping/Norrköping based SNAKE TONGUE. Some of you might be familiar with the band as they already have their debut album on account, released in 2016 on The Sign Records. Looks like they were quite busy after the debut release, touring Europe extensively and also flying over to Mexico […]