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(review) PHOBIA – Decades of Blastphemy CD

One day when you decide to have a cross in your house get yourself this PHOBIA CD.  It is a DIY cross.  It is a cross when you need a cross, it’s a brick when you need a brick.  But don’t throw it at your local nazi, you will loose four CDs.  Beautifully packaged into a solid box with a 28-page booklet depicting all record covers, track lists and info of each PHOBIA release included in this superb release.  For those of you who don’t know PHOBIA, they are grind punk legends from US playing since 1990s.  Their discography includes about 25 releases, 17 of which you will find on “Decades of Blastphemy”.  Perfect way to check the band inside out listening to their recording from 1990 (demo cassette) and 2012 (split with SUFFERING MIND).  When they were more punk, more grind or mixed everything at one go.  For those of you who know PHOBIA, it’s a great travel set.  One box and you favourite PHOBIA songs with you.  For Selfmade God who released it even better news.  There are still more PHOBIA releases to include so the cross grows, into one direction, you know what I mean.

Here is what you get:

Split w/ Gadget
Split w/ Extinction of Mankind
Taken From Get Up and Kill! EP
Grind Your Fucking Head In EP
Serenity Through Pain LP
Destroying The Masses EP
Means of Existence LP
Return To Desolation EP
Split w/ Abaddon Incarnate
Split w/ Suffering Mind
Split w/ $krupel
Split w/ Resist and Exist
Split w/ Corrupted
Split w/ Plutocracy
Enslaved EP
My Friends Our Grind EP
What Went Wrong demo

Selfmadegod Records


  • Najwieksza porazka w zyciu czlowieka to rozziew pomiedzy tym, kim mlgl sie stac, a tym, kim stal sie w rzeczywistosci.- Ashley Montagu.

  • Przyjacill nie poznajmy w biedzie, tylko po tym jak znosza nasz wymarzony sukces. cyt. Paulo Coelho. Na zlecenie ITI ProSystems… czytal M. Skrobosz… 🙂

  • Przyjemnosc zycia jest przyjemnoscia plynaca z cwiczenia duszy; to jest bowiem prawdziwe zycie. – Arystoteles

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