War//Plague new album! We’ve heard it!

It’s been 4 years since WAR//PLAGUE dropped their third album “Into The Depths” which we considered the album of the year 2018, reviewed here and we released it on CD (available here). The bar was raised very high and the expectations are high! Born out of the ashes of the Minneapolis underground in 2008, WAR//PLAGUE continue […]

WARxGAMES – Violent and Depressed 7”EP

Last recordings of this Baltimore based straight edge hardcore band that features members of WALL BREAKER, THE PIST or TRIAC. 9 tracks on the seven incher means fast hardcore meets power violence. A splash of YOT does the trick for me. Refuse Records


Yet another all black and crusty release from Phobia Records on a 7”. And it’s a split. Always a good way to learn two bands at the same time. AFFECT are from Sweden and are fans of DISCLOSE. You hear noise, then some more noise and finally even more noise. Takes experience and knowledge to […]

DIGITAL NEGATIVE – Digital Negative EP

I do like some industrial electronic noise from time to time, especially when it’s packed with anger and good vocals. Like SONIC VIOLENCE, for instance. So when I heard DIGITAL NEGATIVE I was instantly taken in. Formed over the past year in quarantine, DIGITAL NEGATIVE is the new project from Richard Johnson (Drugs Of Faith, […]

PROP 013 is available for pre-order NOW!


We are happy to say we can finally start the PROP 013 pre-order. It’s a digipack CD of WAR//PLAGUES’ latest LP “Into the Depths” + their 2014 EP “Temperaments of War” as bonus. Treat yourself to 14 tracks of pure Minneapolis crust punk with a metal edge. Digitally here and on a CD from our […]