(review) V/A – “No One’s Little Girl” comp. LP



I can do it better than you
I can do it way much better
I can do it way much quicker
Better … better .. better

Do you remember the good old days when compilation LPs were the only way, apart from going to gigs and reading zines, you learned about new bands? This record brings those feelings back, it serves its purpose as a compilation LP and as a benefit record to support grassroots women’s charities. Beautifully put together in a purple sleeve, with a 20-page full-colour booklet, on a crazy splatter vinyl. Insane.

Always looking for attention
Looking for another gal
Maybe it’s for the best
If you were just a pal

16 bands, 16 songs, written and performed by women. Punk is the common denominator here but be prepared for an eclectic collection of noise. From slow and melodic pop punk to heavy hardcore punk (BRATAKUS being the heaviest sounding band here). This record has it all. There is no bad songs on this compilation and this one has been on repeat for the past week. Tons of records have arrived since then, so what? They need to wait until I fill myself with this gorgeous noise.

Walk up to me in the bar
Tell me you like my face
Thanks for the compliment
But it’s a “no” from me today
Put your hands on my hips
Tell me you know some tricks
You don’t get to touch me
Just cus you bought me a drink
No mean no

I am sure you will have your own favourites here, mine being: KISS ME KILLER, THE MENSTRUAL CRAMPS, HAGAR THE WOMB, GALICO, BRATAKUS, DOGSHITE. Again, women prove they have got a lot to say, they make great noise and they will never rest. And so should not you. Buy the record, support women’s orgs and fight for equal rights! Fight stereotypes! Punch sexist bastards in their face when their hands wander!

Buy the record from Grow Your Own Records

Young and pretty
An object of desire
Didn’t have to strive then
No need to aim higher
Now your looks have gone
Faded in plain sight
You’ve lost the attention
You’d taken as a right
Don’t need to shout louder
Don’t need to work longer
Don’t need to strive harder
To be a visible woman
HAGAR THE WOMB – Visible Woman