MUTABO from Serbia reviewed on two split records.


MUTABO/HELLEXIST – Mutate and Survive/Age of Death split LP MUTABO/VASTATION – Omnia Mutantur/‎Vastation split LP MUTABO are from Belgrad, Serbia and have two split LPs on account, both released by the mighty Belgian label Neanderthal Stench Records in co-operation with Nero One Records from USA plus ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni, Angry Voice, and Anomie Records. Great co-op […]

(review) KAKAFONI – Krälar I Stoftet LP


  If you come across a Swedish band released on Phobia Records you will never go wrong – buy it and you will be sure to fill your house with ultra raw chaos hardcore. KAKAFONI is no exception. Featuring members from DISSEKERAD, MAKABERT FYND, HELLKONTROL and EYEHATEGOD, this Swedish and New Orleans band sounds the […]

(review) SUFFER THE PAIN – Hellbound LP

Suffer The Pain

  Hungry for metal d-beat? Put your hands on a release that has been available for some time now and definitely needs a reminder. SUFFER THE PAIN were already reviewed here. With one more album and 2 singles out, they are no strangers to those who frequent festivals in Europe.  “Hellbound” is different in many […]

(review) STORM OF SEDITION – Decivilize LP + split LP with HUMAN HOST BODY


STORM OF SEDITION are definitely one of the most interesting bands emerging from the international conspiracy of DIY punk in the world.  Not Canada, where they come from, but the world.   Sharing members from the likes of ISKRA, CREPEHANGER, LEPER, and MUTINY, STORM OF SEDITION kind of takes the usual black metal crust noise […]