PARASIT – Samhällets Paria LP

Third full length album from Sweden’s most exciting d-beat band formed in the new millenium, with members from DISKONTO, ASOCIAL or UNCURBED. I don’t know why they decided not to use their original logo featured on previous releases but this is what you sometimes get from Swedish bands – minimalism.

You also find that feature on this record. Less means more and this time the more you expect from PARASIT the less they deliver and the happier you are. I will not exaggerate when I say this is a perfect album. The production is spot on with Keno at the knobs reflecting the core elements of Swedish punk. The songs are not too short and not too long and PARASIT manage to fit all ingredients necessary to put a smile on your faces: d-beat riffs for a wild pogo and nice slam that you’d do on your own if you were allowed to these days, guitar solos and those vocals. This is what I like about PARASIT – the vocals that add another layer to the whole thing – black metal. This makes PARASIT album complete – Motorhead driven d-beat, raw and dirty sound and black metal maniac vocals. What more can you expect? Just lyrics translations into English please.

Available from Phobia Records