(review) THE DEAD GOATS – Baptized In The Grave 7″ EP

  THE DEAD GOATS have had phases in their history. A three piece band that did most of the releases, a two-piece band that was a studio only band and rumours say it’s a larger piece now. Time will show how that will work out for them. This EP comes from the two-piece band era […]

Ruinas / Chaosbringer – split LP


  I reviewed RUINAS here┬ámore than a year ago and here comes their split LP with Russian CHAOSBRINGER. To start with the Argentinians, let me just say they move in the same circles on this split record as on their debut LP. I recognise two songs get repeated here, but since I have no possibility […]


PROP 004 MORDERCA are a new band from Poland that know how to blend best of death metal with d-beat and, as a result, they came up with something highly pleasurable to listen to, if Swedish style of playing metal and punk is up your street. Recruiting from well-known Polish bands, which will go unsaid […]


  MORDERCA (The Killer) come from Poland and they are a new band. They have just released their demo on Bandcamp and are said to be studio band only. What do I start with? There is so much happening here. The opening track starts with a nice and furious blast, that changes into punk d-beat […]