PROP 004

MORDERCA are a new band from Poland that know how to blend best of death metal with d-beat and, as a result, they came up with something highly pleasurable to listen to, if Swedish style of playing metal and punk is up your street.

Recruiting from well-known Polish bands, which will go unsaid here, they deliver raw, fast and stenchy noise that deserves your attention. MORDERCA will definitely stir things up in the coming future.

30 minutes of music on a cassette tape that has their first and only demo recorded on both sides, so you don’t need to get off your butt every few minutes. The auto-reverse will do the job for you.

Track list:
Krew, trup, smierc
Zabij Ty! (Siekiera cover)
Krzyk zabija cisze
Z nozem w miasto
W ciemnosc dalej