(originally interviewed by Organize and Arise in 2016) DROPDEAD…by far one of the most important socio/political bands of our time. Starting in 1991, the band has been blasting hardcore punk at the world with a fiercely militant message of animal liberation and human compassion. A subject that will forever be relevant and vital to the punk […]

DROPDEAD again! First two albums remastered!

And already at the pressing plant. The very first album, original mixed in 1993 by Don Fury is now remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. The terrorizing 34-track blistercore classic from ’93 will be reissued and sounding as putrid as the day it was killed. Thirty-four songs of pulverizing political hate, social disgust, and personal […]

DROPDEAD announce new LP and need your help


  DROPDEAD have just released their 2019 demo that announces their forthcoming LP later this/next year.  The band also needs your help after their van was stolen, so best would be if you go to their bandcamp now, buy the demo, or go to their march site and get some of their great tees or […]

News from DROPDEAD


  Armageddon Label has just announced the upcoming digital release of a two song EP with unreleased tracks from the forthcoming DROPDEAD “Discography Vol 2” album, out December 7th. These two tracks were started in 2005 and finished in 2013. As the band says: “When we had the original multi-track master tapes transferred for our remastering […]