D.O.V.E – s/t LP

I’d been eagerly awaiting the release of this disc (by Grow Your Own Records over here) with much anticipation and boy I was not disappointed. It ticks every box. A big nod to anarcho sounds from days gone by perfectly capturing the ethos and feeling of the time. Not content with walking a well trodden […]

(review) SANCTION THIS – We Are Abandoned LP


  When was the last time you bought a record that captures the spirit of old DIY punk vinyl records? When the cover is glued DIY, the release contains a thick booklet with all the artwork and lyrics are handwritten? This is SANCTION THIS from Newcastle. I love this one. It’s a great mixture of […]

(review) V/A – “No One’s Little Girl” comp. LP


  I can do it better than you I can do it way much better I can do it way much quicker Better … better .. better PUSSY LIQUOUR – Lady Wank Do you remember the good old days when compilation LPs were the only way, apart from going to gigs and reading zines, you […]