NULLA OSTA – Kad Utihnu Psi Dolazi Doba Vukova 12”EP


Well, two bass guitars, drums and those vocals!   NULLA OSTA come from Pula, Croatia, formed in 2002 and this is their 7th 12” release.  Very impressive.  Take note, two bass guitars and no guitar sound!  Do I miss it? Not at all.  Although you do not hear the wall of sound coming from those […]

(review) RUINAS – s/t LP


  RUINAS are from Buenos Aires.  Sounds exotic to most European punks as we do not often get a chance to see bands from South America touring Europe.  This is just about to change friends, as RUINAS are coming to Europe this October and November.  They are touring Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, […]

(review) HIBERNATION – In The Years Of Desolation LP


Whatever was happening with ΧΕΙΜΕΡΙΑ ΝΑΡΚΗ (HIBERNATION) for the past 15 years, they are back with a fantastic album.  The band formed in late 90’s in Athens, Greece and continues to mix what is best in punk, and Greek punk especially. Atmospheric, dirty and climatic guitars serving as a gloomy intro to songs, crusty riffs, […]

(review) STORM OF SEDITION – Decivilize LP + split LP with HUMAN HOST BODY


STORM OF SEDITION are definitely one of the most interesting bands emerging from the international conspiracy of DIY punk in the world.  Not Canada, where they come from, but the world.   Sharing members from the likes of ISKRA, CREPEHANGER, LEPER, and MUTINY, STORM OF SEDITION kind of takes the usual black metal crust noise […]