OHYDA – Pan bóg spełni wszystkie pragnienia lewaków … LP

Another ugly release from Polish OHYDA that even the rotten baby pink colour they used for the cover won’t save them. They are also a very hard working band. It’s their third release on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos and they gig quite a lot as well. So take them seriously, not my words. […]


SORROW are a Polish new band that revive what’s best in stench punk sound and tighten it withmetal and crust influences. Featuring members of Next Victim, Mind Pollution and DYYM they have all the credentials needed to deliver yet one of the best stench metal sounds you will have heard. Heavy guitars, ripping bass, and […]

YE.STEM – EP review

How many times have I listened to this? I dunno, but I have surely given them a proper Bandcamp “you’re being played fuck loads” badge. And I still do play them in a loop. This is by far THE BEST new melodic hardcore punk band from Poland. You get members of POST REGIMENT minus the […]

VICIOUSxREALITY – The Bonding Moment 7”EP

I saw them live a few times and always had the same impression – the power of youth no matter the age always on the edge! This Polish straight edge hardcore bands pays tribute to early US SE bands. Lots of hardcore melody, short solos, choruses and positivity. Always a good recipe for a good […]

GOVERNMENT FLU – House Arrest 7”EP

You’d think “House Arrest” was recorded in the pandemic but you’d be wrong. Recorded in 2018, released just before the pandemic in 2019 it is still the last recording to this day of this (now defunct?) hardcore band from Poland that is widely known in many parts of the world. Five in-your-face hardcore slashes that […]