LAZY CLASS are back with their second album! Hello! I reviewed their debut full-length two years ago when it came out. Not so lazy then, ha! They say it’s a new line up, new sound, new quality. Well, whatever. Just give me the same ingredients I received two years ago: melody, danceable tunes, sing-a-long choruses […]

NO-HEADS – Pressure Cracks 12”


    What a nice wee surprise from Refuse Records. NO-HEADS are from Richmond and continue to do what the classics like Mad Parade from Los Angeles or The Trouble from Boston had started. They mix street punk with hardcore. Not a brand new recipe from a great music to listen, dance or run to. […]

LAZY CLASS – Interesting Times CD


    OK, it’s street punk, some say it’s oi! punk or pop punk, so I am the last person to review such record and this review is going to be useless. That said, let’s have a look at some songs here. LAZY CLASS come from Warsaw, Poland and having issued a few EPs, “Interesting […]