LAZY CLASS are back with their second album! Hello! I reviewed their debut full-length two years ago when it came out. Not so lazy then, ha!

They say it’s a new line up, new sound, new quality. Well, whatever. Just give me the same ingredients I received two years ago: melody, danceable tunes, sing-a-long choruses and some pop. I like my punk record wit some good pop sound influence, just like you like your tea with milk!

And there you go. 13 mid tempo street punk songs tick all the boxes for me. They are well produced, perhaps too delicate sounding at times and the first album aggression is gone but that contrasts well with the angry vocals and that means more pop for me. Lyrically, as last time, LAZY CLASS are socio-politically aware and they sing in English, Polish and Spanish. What else do you want? A gig! Invite them and have fun!

Oh, and “Stay lazy stay rebel” reminded me of The Harries, a california punk band from Holland. Thanx for refreshing old man’s memory!

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