LAZY CLASS – Interesting Times CD




OK, it’s street punk, some say it’s oi! punk or pop punk, so I am the last person to review such record and this review is going to be useless.

That said, let’s have a look at some songs here. LAZY CLASS come from Warsaw, Poland and having issued a few EPs, “Interesting Times” is a full length record from this band. It’s definitely not a boring listen, even if you’re not a fan of street punk. There are numerous occasions I’d listen to it, be it party with friends when it plays loud or a long drive at night, fighting with sleep which recently occurred.

“Songs of the Anger” seems to be one of the fastest here kicking off with a chorus and is packed with lyrics that are about still being angry at an adult age and staying true to oneself. Great singalong and positive anger packed in one song. “The Place I Come From” is definitely my favourite track here. Mid-tempo, super melodic, with lyrics really spot on and touching you when you understand the country you live in and the mentality that surrounds you. Or “Made It Out Alive”, a classic of the genre both musically and lyrically – mid tempo street punk with guitar solos and lyrics about the good old times when we were all young.

The real strength of this album are definitely the lyrics.  Because music wise it is delivered the way street punk is delivered, perhaps a bit more poppy, which is a plus here.  But it’s the lyrics that stand out.  Very well written, which is an exception among Polish bands I must say, and they touch everyday sociological and political issues we all deal with on regular basis.  Perhaps street punk would require singing them with a British accent, but that’s just me.  You can ignore that remark.

Alright, so when do you know you dig a record? When you blast A2 and hear yourself sing:

It’s hard to love the place I come from
It’s hard to live, I have my doubts when it comes to trust
It’s been abused so many times before
After these years, I’ve learned to count only on my own

I’ve got a CD version released by TNT Tunes but I know that a vinyl record is also available. Make sure you see them live, this IS live music after all!

May you live in interesting times! Thank you.