161 Fest #5 in Warsaw: 20-21 March 2020

161 Fest #5 is going to be the first biggest festival to take place in 2020 in Poland.  It’s a two-dayer, in Warsaw, 20-21 March, a benefit for antifascist group 161 Crew with 7 bands altogether.  It’s quite a happening as this is going to be the first ever DISAFFECT gig in Europe after their […]

(review) THE DEAD GOATS – Baptized In The Grave 7″ EP

  THE DEAD GOATS have had phases in their history. A three piece band that did most of the releases, a two-piece band that was a studio only band and rumours say it’s a larger piece now. Time will show how that will work out for them. This EP comes from the two-piece band era […]


The Dreadful Symphonies

  Compilation records are usually tricky.  I am sure your collection boasts jewels and mistakes in one box.  To produce a great compilation record that will become an instant classic requires skill and motivation.  I am more than sure that in case of “The Dreadful Symphonies” the author had both. SKILL Being a guitarist in […]

(review) CALM THE FIRE / THE DEAD GOATS – split 12”EP


These two Polish bands are at the moment top league when it comes to bridging some gaps between punk and metal. CALM THE FIRE take no prisoners.  They blast through your head with brutal crusty guitars, mincing drums and very high octane tempo.  You will find many elements in their music, but you will have […]