SUN OF THE ENDLESS NIGHT – Life … A Tragedy Tainted by Malevolence CD

SUN OF THE ENDLESS NIGHT’s first album went under my radar for some reason, so I am not letting this one go. Those of you familiar with Suicide Watch, UK speed/thrash metal act, and STAMPIN’ GROUND, UK metallic hardcore band, will appreciate the fact that members of those two highly acclaimed bands are now doing […]

“The greedy naked ape still has not evolved enough. It still likes to hoard shiny things and try and kill all competition”. Interview with Peter Nash/CORVUS.

You know Peter Nash from his bass playing in early DOOM and EXTREME NOISE TERROR. He then went on to play in FILTHKICK and CAIN that were two great UK bands, but short lived. And he disappeared. He wasn’t taking break from making music though. He created the project called CORVUS, he describes as Ecocide […]