RETSU – s/t LP

Right, so the RETSU debut album is here. I mean, not out yet, but I’ve listened to it. Quite a few times actually, and I dig it a lot! And so should you! For those of you who missed the review of their demo and the interview with Scoot, RETSU was formed in 2022, so […]

RETSU demo review. Never Trust A Tory!

RETSU began in late 2022 with Scoot (guitar) and Alex (drums), and was later joined by Beatrice (vox) and Sam (bass) in early 2023. You might be familiar with RETSU, since we interviewed Scoot in January of this year. So, if you think their demo is strong enough, read the interview to learn what they’re […]

SUN OF THE ENDLESS NIGHT – Life … A Tragedy Tainted by Malevolence CD

SUN OF THE ENDLESS NIGHT’s first album went under my radar for some reason, so I am not letting this one go. Those of you familiar with Suicide Watch, UK speed/thrash metal act, and STAMPIN’ GROUND, UK metallic hardcore band, will appreciate the fact that members of those two highly acclaimed bands are now doing […]