Dead Sky – demo review

DEAD SKY are a new entry on the crust punk map. Coming from Pittsburgh and featuring members of APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT, SUBMACHINE, ENDROPHOBIA, B-WARD, and INVALID, they may not make a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, but it’s always nice to hear that old geezers still want to do anything. Here’s their demo tape, recorded […]

END RESULT – Hellfire 7” EP

A new release from Phobia Records on a little piece of vinyl and we already know what to expect here although the colourful cover may be a bit misleading. Mirek has already proved his skill in discovering noisy d-beat punkers from all over the globe. And this is the case here. END RESULT are a […]

RADICAL FUN TIME – There is Only One Race the HUMAN RACE EP

  I must admit I’ve never heard of RADICAL FUN TIME, so it’s a totally new discovery for me, although the band started to release records in 2013. Based in Minneapolis and the area, RFT bring back memories of a band called HEADACHE from UK, though RDF is more predictable and less jazzy. But chaotic, […]

(review) WAR CURSE – Eradiction LP


  Thrash metal fans take notice. It’s been quite a while since I last heard good old Bay Area underground thrash. Except that this one comes from Ohio. I am usually careful when it comes to fairly new metal bands for various reasons and am not overenthusiastic, but in case of WAR CURSE, I overdosed. […]

News from DROPDEAD


  Armageddon Label has just announced the upcoming digital release of a two song EP with unreleased tracks from the forthcoming DROPDEAD “Discography Vol 2” album, out December 7th. These two tracks were started in 2005 and finished in 2013. As the band says: “When we had the original multi-track master tapes transferred for our remastering […]