A wee split record between two Romanian bands on a bunch of labels.

VOID FORGER are from Bucharest and play a mix of stench core and sludge with dark and gloomy vocals and some rock riff at times. Not what you’d call fast, but definitely atmospheric and moody. Pessimistic lyrics add a lot to the dark vision, as well as the beautiful cover art.

VVVLV (however you pronounce that) continue the sludgy concept of the record yet with more post metal approach and still dark and gloomy vocals at the beginning in order to change the mood completely into d-beat stench core at the end of the track.  Great lyric inspire you to think, there are some great lines here, like “the old gods have abandoned you the new ones have no use for you”.

There you go, I was expecting crust stuff and got a proper doze of stench and sludge from Romania. Great!

Neanderthal-Stench, Gluga Neagră, Crust Or Die, Dvvm Records