2021’s Top -Wojciech Jr.

I’ve never been a fan of those “TOP 5 something” lists at the end of every year. Okay, I kinda like to read lists made by others, by to create one on my own is always a nightmare – long time thinking, sometimes writing once again about something that I’ve already reviewed and all that […]

The Border of Humanity

Sometimes there are texts that are particularly difficult to start. Texts that you know you have to write, but something deep inside your mind pushes you away from it. Over and over again. Sometimes it is caused by laziness, sometimes by other things. In case of this text – it was caused by shame. Because […]

The truth about sweatshops and their relation to the punk scene. Part 1/3

The first world’s got greedy, we’re consuming it allThe third world’s got hunger and military controlThis unequal balance is a master planOne gets rich from the other’s landThey’ve got it all worked outAnd we give our consent Chumbawamba, Invasion The background When Chumbawamba sang this verse of “Invasion” in 1986 on their first full length […]