A fresh joint-release between Flykstoda, Phobia Records, Dark Elk and Talk With Your Boots. This is a split EP from CHØRNOBYL and DENY, two bands hailing from Sweden. Whereas you might be familiar with DENY from their “Dystopia” LP, CHØRNOBYL debuts here. Featuring members of MYTERI, LIPTONES and MAHALIUM, CHØRNOBYL cultivate what is best in Sweden’s hardcore punk: dark sound, d-beat pace, lots of distortion and Swedish lyrics. A band to follow for sure. DENY have a brighter and clearer sound and there’s a lot more melody in their d-beat and neo crust mix. A great wee 7” to own and listen to. Well done.

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SANCTUS PROPAGANDA is both, a worldwide collective of activist punks from different corners of the world whose mission is to keep it as alive and active as possible, and a record label based in Eastern Europe.

SANCTUS PROPAGANDA COLLECTIVE does what it says: preserving punk for future generations. We are a DIY non-profit worldwide collective of young and middle-aged (well…) punks who aim at bettering ourselves and the world we all live in. Read more about the Collective here

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