DREGS – Watch Out EP

I was having a discussion one day abiut Refuse Records and how they married straight edge with not-so-straight edge punk back in the day when the label started. I always liked and appreciated it a lot. And this EP sums up Refuse Records nicely.

DREGS come from Vienna and are a four piece ensemble. I just love bands that look punk, play punk, do not write about strength only, though still boast Xs on their hands. This is DREGS.

This 5 track EP is not as short as you might expect from a hardcore band. The first track, “Suck It Up” starts really gloomy and slow, but when you bear with them, it will erupt into a gallop of riffs and angry vocals. And it stays like that for the rest of the record. It’s not always fast, they do slow down here and there but still keeping it very angry and rad! Great debut EP and highly recommended!

Refuse Records