FÖRGIFTAD – Bränd Generation 7”EP



A 2017 release from Swedish punk d-beaters FÖRGIFTAD, which still makes it their last one. The trio shares members with Kronisk Misantropi or Makabert Fynd, so you know there is no cheating here.

Although, there is. It starts with a telephone conversation in Swedish when suddenly the name Bolt Thrower is mentioned. A promising start, but don’t get fooled. There is no metal here. Pure Swedish d-beat punk, with a punky guitar, sometimes starting with a solo, and Motörhead rhythms. Maniac punk vocals in Swedish and the same tempo all the way through this 12 minute, 8-song EP. Essentials for Swedish d-beat collectors.

Like with every release on Phobia Records, this one is also nicely packaged.