HIV +Stay Positive+ CD

PROP 007 HIV started in 2018 comprising members from DEATH CRUSADE, NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST and SACROFUCK.  Their aim is simple: play old school classic grind core at its best.  And they know how to do it.  This has a chance to be your most played grind core record in months.  24 tracks in 18 minutes.  They even recored both sides on different dates, as it should be done in grind core. Got that?

Track list:
Key Affected Populations
Stigma and Discrimimation
Gender Inequality
Obstacles to Prevention
Lack of  Information
Economic Challenge
Legal Issues
Drug Policy
Harm Reduction
Emerging Future Issues
Family Problems
20% Unaware
Stay Positive
Different sleep-wake patterns
Little appetite and thirst
Fewer and smaller bowel movements and less pee
More pain
Changes in blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate
Body temperature ups and downs
Congested breathing from the build up in the back of the throat
Confusion or daze
Not want food or drink
Stop peeing and having bowel movements
Grimace, groan, or scowl from pain

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