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EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - Storm of Resentment

(review) EXTINCTION OF MANKIND – Storm of Resentment LP

EXTINCTION OF MANKIND have been around since 1992, so they are veterans of the UK punk.  They started when others finished and when time passed (20 something years) and I get the chance to hear their fourth upcoming full length album, I realise they are one of the very few who are true to what UK punk has always been about.  They are the natural continuator of the UK anarcho crust punk movement started in the late 80s by the likes of ANTI SECT, AMEBIX or AXEGRINDER.

“Storm of Resentment” is the concentrate of the UK anarcho punk.  Take what is best from it (the lyrics, the statements, the sound, the tempo, the anger and dedication) and add thrashy guitars to top it all.  EOM prove you don’t need to play very fast to be brutal.  “Cash Cow” intro leads you slowly into the record with its instrumental 2-minute piece.  And then it all starts.  Lengthy punk songs with metal influence and apocaliptic atmosphere.  “Turn a Blind Eye” has very good female vocals and “Believers of Their Lies”, the 6-minute suite, contains a tirade of spoken words and sampes to complete this anarcho punk feel of this masterpiece.

I remember very well the first time I heard the great “Baptised In Shit”.  This one is equally good, if not better!

Soon available on AgiPunk.  In the meantime, you have to trust my words before you find out for yourself.

EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - Storm of Resentment


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