Wolfbrigade – Anti-Tank Dogs EP

Brand new recordings from WOLFBRIGADE and brand new releases from Armageddon Label and Agipunk on a 7″ … what better a team can you imagine? Three songs from Swedish veterans bring hell of a storm to your ears. Super heavy and super dirty guitar sound , crushing bass and vocals polished by a super heavy […]

MARTHE – Sisters Of Darkness LP

Now, with black metal acts you need to be careful these days. Some of them like to use their right hand in salute all of a sudden. That is why I am always very picky when it comes to this genre, and generally, I do not trust them. But not today. The reason is very […]

(review) EXTINCTION OF MANKIND – Storm of Resentment LP

EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - Storm of Resentment

EXTINCTION OF MANKIND have been around since 1992, so they are veterans of the UK punk.  They started when others finished and when time passed (20 something years) and I get the chance to hear their fourth upcoming full length album, I realise they are one of the very few who are true to what […]



APOCALYPSE are crust legends from Los Angeles formed in 1984 who managed to record a demo, a 7”EP entitled “Earth” and two split singles with TRANSGRESSION and MINDROT.  APOCALYPSE disbanded in 1990 and after 25 years they came back with a new line up consisting of members from NAUSEA (LA), MINDROT and TEMPLE OF DAGON. […]