(review) LIFELESS DARK – Who Will Be The Victims?



Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, LIFELESS DARK consists of members from NO TOLERANCE, GREEN BERET and more including MAGIC CIRCLE and DEATH EVOCATION.

The Bandcamp release of this 3-song demo caused a stir among punk and metal tribes across the world. And no wonder. They do what hasn’t been done for quite some time. They blend thrash metal with punk adding a layer of crust and stench on top of it plus a female vocalist. Yes, SACRILEGE comes to mind instantly but also fans of HELLBASTARD or AFTER THE BOMBS will not be disappointed.

The demo starts with a gloomy intro called “Terminal Phase” and then they go full speed with 3 songs interrupted with another intro called “-“ (may as well serve as the beginning of “Feeding The Light”). Heavy thrashy guitars with stenchy and crusty vibe, growling bass and gloomy, crusty and angry vocals all make a very promising release and definitely one of the brightest debuts in 2018.

This was released on a cassette but it was soon gone. So just support them on Bandcamp as dozens of other thrash punk hungry people have done.

Oh, and they were looking for a basis, so ….

Waiting for a more lengthy release.