BARAKA FACE JUNTA – Test Systemu LP. Pre-release review.

Welcome to planet Earth in 2021. Where it struggles to survive. Where man continues to abuse his power. Where women are still limited to looks and told to obey. Where children are sacrificed on the altar of lust. Where minorities are minorities. Where revolution is still round the corner … Punk started for me with […]

ANTISECT – Live in Sweden CD


“Live in Sweden” is a documentation of ANTISECT’s live performance at Hygget Festival in 2017. The band played this free festival twice. First in 2013 when half way through the set Pete decided to have a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. The band returned 4 years later, where they played a blend […]

BRAIN ANGUISH release a new track.


Angus and Brian plus their good old friend, the drum machine, made their way thru snowy Scottish roads to finally meet up in a secret location known to only three of them (just off A939, near the village called Fodderletter) to record another BRAIN ANGUISH anarcho punk song.  This time you are greeted by a […]

(review) CRESS – Hunt Saboteurs Association benefit 7”

This is an exceptional single from one of the most influential UK anarcho punk bands from the 90s.  Exceptional because it is the middle segment of the exceptional series of 9 singles that form a one big beautiful picture of a fox.  All records are benefit for Hunt Saboteurs Association so the cause is great.  […]