MARTHE – Sisters Of Darkness LP

Now, with black metal acts you need to be careful these days. Some of them like to use their right hand in salute all of a sudden. That is why I am always very picky when it comes to this genre, and generally, I do not trust them. But not today. The reason is very […]

CURSED BLOOD – Taker of Life LP

Back to reviewing routine at the of the year and I kick off with an album that has great chances to end up in my personal TOP 3 of 2020 LPs. CURSED BLOOD are from Greece and they are a new creation although members have played in punk and metal bands, such as Dead Congregation, […]

HALLUCINATOR – Another Cruel Dimension LP

  Carbonized Records from San Jose, California are back with another fine release. We reviewed their great package from hardcore outfit ISOTOPE here, but this time it’s a different kind of noise. HALLUCINATOR are from Oakland, USA and started in 2014 when a few guys wanted to play fast death metal. Fair enough. One thing […]

Fuck nazi BM. TOADEATER debut LP to come out soon. And it’s a blast!


  TOADEATER were reviewed here over a year ago. Hailing from lower Saxony, Germany, TOADEATER are these kind of black metal band that needs to be promoted, so the true and emerging spirit of anti nazi black metal prevails the crypto nazi bullshit you encounter every now and then. I know lots of punks delve into […]

(review) TOADEATER – demo


  TOADEATER are three punks from Germany making noise in the Red&Anarchist Black Metal scene. Their 3-song debut demo was released on Bandcamp in July this year so it’s fairly new and a cassette version is expected soon. If you’re into black metal blasts, East German metal style vocals (whatever that means, this is just […]