Book review: The Scene That Would Not Die: Twenty Years of Post-Millennial Punk In The UK by Ian Glasper

Ian Glasper delivers again. Bass player for numerous hardcore punk bands, contributor to many fanzines and magazines and a book writer. But then, on second thoughts, you can’t just call him a writer. Having written 6 books on hardcore punk and thrash metal, he has become a full-time punk scene documentalist, or docu-mentalist as he […]

2019 TOP 10: Ian Glasper

Yet another TOP 10 of the passing year, this time (like last year) from Ian Glasper, bassist for WARWOUND (whose 2nd LP is out soon, in the beginning of 2020) and author of books on punk, hardcore and thrash.  His latest book, “Contract In Blood: A History Of UK Thrash Metal” is still available from […]

2018 TOP 10 by Ian Glasper


Ian Glasper (interviewed here) – bassist for the great WARWOUND (interviewed here) and bassist for DECADENCE WITHIN, STAMPIN’ GROUND or FLUX OF PINK INDIANS in the past, just to name a few bands, contributor to TERRORIZER magazine and a book writer.  He wrote 5 books on punk, hardcore and thrash metal scenes in UK and […]