There we go. Another SANCTUS PROPAGANDA release in the pipeline. PROP 017 WOLFHEAD59 – Power is Not Yours LP Techno punk, digital hardcore … call it what you want, it doesn’t matter, does it? All we know WOLFHEAD59 makes techno send punk message across the globe and punk become danceable more than ever, at home […]

WOLFHEAD59 – We are not OK (digital)

When Saturday Night Fever strikes you in the midst of isolation – youtube them and pump up the volume. Or when it’s all over and you feel like rocking the floor with your mates … look for the gig listing of WOLFHEAD59. Emerging from London punk scene, WOLFHEAD59 are a two-piece hardcore techno act. Blending […]

(review) MEINHOF – The Dying Light


  The latest recording by MEINHOF is finally out. Recorded in 2017 this sees the light on 45rpm 12” and CD. I always thought MEINHOF managed to produce their own, unique sound and style. It is punk, but it is MEINHOF punk. Not many bands have this style of writing songs and singing which is […]

(review) RUINED BY – demo


  Based in London, composed of a Frenchman, two Englishmen and a Polish drummer, RUINED BY recorded this 4 track demo back in April 2017, so it’s more than a year old.  Since then, they’ve had enough time to practice and make a few more songs, which they recorded but haven’t released yet. RUINED BY […]