ID – Twoja Twarz LP

There are a few good reasons to review this record here, 27 years after its original release in 1993. Primarily because SANCTUS PROPAGANDA is read by people around the globe who value Polish 80’s/90’s hardcore punk a lot, and they do collect records from this period. And this very record was re-released the way it […]


Two d-beat guns share this 7”. SVAVELDIOXID from Sweden and SKELETON from Canada. Both bands deserve each other on the flipping side of the vinyl and both bands shoot 4 fast d-beat tracks. No prisoners taken, no questions asked, no breaks between the bullets. While SVAVELDIOXID represents a classic Swedish d-beat we are all used […]


PROP 010 WARWOUND needs no introduction.  Comprising founding members of SACRILEGE, THE VARUKERS, HELLKRUSHER and DECADENCE WITHIN this band dates back to 1982 when d-beat punk was taking shape.  Today, almost 40 years later WARWOUND blend what’s best in metal and punk and come up with 15 angry punk songs with a heavy SACRILEGE guitar, […]