DREGS – Watch Out EP

I was having a discussion one day abiut Refuse Records and how they married straight edge with not-so-straight edge punk back in the day when the label started. I always liked and appreciated it a lot. And this EP sums up Refuse Records nicely. DREGS come from Vienna and are a four piece ensemble. I […]

ID – Twoja Twarz LP

There are a few good reasons to review this record here, 27 years after its original release in 1993. Primarily because SANCTUS PROPAGANDA is read by people around the globe who value Polish 80’s/90’s hardcore punk a lot, and they do collect records from this period. And this very record was re-released the way it […]

FUCK IT I QUIT – The War Ritual LP

Time to review another release from FUCK IT I QUIT. I remember writing about their EP on Refuse Records here and being quite surprised by the powerful hardcore I heard on this wee record styled in CRASS symbolism. So when I got the copy of their debut LP again on Refuse Records but this time […]

TIED DOWN – s/t 7”EP


  Remember Voorhees from UK? So TIED DOWN feature members from these legends as well as from Break It Up. Now you know what to expect from the veterans of hardcore punk and it is definitely not mellowness. It’s aggression, anger, speed and rawness. TIED DOWN manage to mix the ferocious hardcore sound with melody […]

THE FOG – s/t 7” EP

The Fog

  Another band from Berlin released by Refuse Records, also based in Berlin. THE FOG are a fairly new creature and to my thinking, they require certain audience to appreciate their hardcore. At first I thought I played the single too slow but no, this is how it sounds. It sounds as if they want […]