Support Water Protectors Legal Collective and experience all things EPIC

South London Scum give you a unique opportunity to browse the local UK/London sludge/crust/metal scene in two nights and support the Native Americans rights fight! Water Protector Legal Collective was the on-the-ground legal team for the ceremonial resistance camps at Standing Rock, North Dakota fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. They maintained a presence on-site and […]

“We’re just reflecting darkness back at the listener”.  Interview with SURYA.


SURYA takes no shortcuts.  To reach their audience they use many methods but one: vocals.  No, you will not find lyrics in SURYA, at least on their latest release “Apocalypse A.D.”  Yet, they are challenging you with animal, earth and human liberation message.  I talked with band members, Bartek and Greg on guitars and Raquel […]

(review) SURYA – Apocalypse A.D. LP

SURYA - Apocalypse

If you ever wondered how a punk record sounds with no vocals in it, here you go – SURYA will show you.  But before we get there…SURYA are a four-piece from London who paint pictures with their music.  If you decide not to sing, you need to think of ways how to get your message […]