(updated) ULTRA CHAOS PIKNIK 2018 announces first bands

One of the biggest DIY punk festivals in Poland taking place in the middle of the forest in the east part of Poland, 29 June 2018 – 1 July 2018, started announcing bands for the upcoming 10th anniversary.

SANCTUS PROPAGANDA will be regularly updating you on the line up.  For now, the bands to come are:

DOOM – crust punk Uk/Szwecja

SANCTUS IUDA – hc/punk/crust Białystok

HANBA – punk street orchestra from Poland

KALASHNIKOV COLLECTIVE – romantic punk Italia

MOSKWA – legendary Polish punk from the 80’s

NAUKA O GÓWNIE – Polish punk

DOM ZŁY – hardcore post metal from Poland

L.A.S.T – punk against rock, Poland

ORPHANAGE NAMED EARTH – romantic crust Białystok

There are usually around 25 bands, lots of fresh air, vegan food, punk propaganda, campsite, table tennis tournaments, good beer and good company.  We will see you there.

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