Warsaw's Burning

Warsaw’s Burning Volume 2 – comp. 7”


Compilations are a rarity these days and in case of this very one, Refuse Records is back with Volume 2 of “Warsaw’s Burning”. There’s a good reason for that. Volume 1 released in 2009 showcased 5 bands, only one of which gets repeated on Volume 2. The other 7 bands  here are the result of new activities from Warsaw punks.

So, you get a nice perspective of what Warsaw sound is like these days, from old school hardcore acts HEATSEEKER, NEGATIVE VIBES, GOVERNMENT FLU and BRAINEATER to old school punk from JAD, GLAMOUR (split up I guess) or MORUS. And your are served a dessert delivered by CAST IN IRON, a hardcore version of XXI wiek by Dezerter. A nice add on to your collection.

Refuse Records

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