Depit – s/t

I always enjoy when I’m not able to easily put the band within a single music genre. And that’s the case with Depit – every time I want to write that the guys are playing a more modern version of American hardcore, they come up with a riff or idea that proves me wrong and makes me realize that there’s much more than that.

But first thing first – yes, hardcore is still the main base of Depit’s music. At the same time it’s much more, as crew from Białystok shows a lot of other inspirations, with all of them being punk-related (there are some classic punk elements, there is some emo as well. Alright, maybe a bit of metal as well. But only a tiny bit.). Overall speaking – it’s diversified and it’s not as simple and obvious music, as it may initially appear to be. Even if I don’t enjoy all the arrangements and musical ideas (vast majority is great though), I still need to admit that songwriting is very good and self-concious, it’s clear that this material took guys a lot of time and that they do know how they want it to sound.

Another thing that I really enjoy is the fact that lyrics are really poetic, but without a tendency of being overly complicated and/or artistic. It just shows that the band still wants to have some specified message, which is put in a really good wording. Huge advantage for that.

And let’s add one more thing – it’s been ages since I’ve seen CD published as nicely as this one. Black and gray digipack with 22 pages (!) booklet and really nice graphics inside looks super nice and it adds a lot of additional value to the release.

Depit shows a very promising debut. Sure, not perfect, but it’s a strong start. Maybe I’d like it to be heavier and more aggressive, but that’s just my own opinion. But that’s a very good album, no doubts about that.