INSTIGATORS – Hypegopromos 1&2 2CD

PROP 003

Official INSTIGATORS release containing their both live recordings, Hypegopromo 1985-1986 and Hypegopromo II, remastered and released on 2 CDs.  100% pure hardcore punk energy recorded live in Leeds, Berlin, Copenhagen, Sweden, Norway plus BBC Studio, Beaumont Street and Woodlands recordings.  Also live radio interviews, incl. Maximum Rock’n’Roll Radio in Berkley hosted by Tim Yohannan.

2 hours of pure hardcore energy, good sense of humour and inspiration.  Comes with a 12-page booklet full of photos, flyers and band’s notes from the time.

Track list:

Intro – Toczek keeps his cool
Blind Eye
Eye To Eye
’Metal Mayhem’ – Satan suffers
Dark And Lonely
(You’re Not) Free
‘The Hard Sell’
It’s Got To Be Stopped
Old Is Sad
The Blood Is On Your Hands
Intro – In One Ear
Dine Upon The Dead
‘Detonator For A Day’
Ignorance Is Bliss
‘Back To Berkeley’ with Mad Max
The Church Says – Heavy Catholic Discipline Mix
Doomsday Plus One
The End

Cheap, Squat And Ugly
Old Is Sad
The Blood Is On Your Hands
Eye To Eye
The Sleeper
The Church Says
You Go Too
Full Circle – Hop Version
Dine Upon The Dead
Situation Desperate
Culture Shocked
Welcome To Casualty
Eye To Eye

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