QUARANTINE return for 2 gigs in Europe.


As Brian Curran announced in his interview on SANCTUS PROPAGANDA, the legendary punk band from Scotland featuring members from DISAFFECT, SEDITION, SCATHA, RUINS and THE DISTURBED are scheduled to play 2 gigs in Europe this August.  This is the one and only occasion to see this 3-piece in action after more than 20 years.

Authors of two outstanding releases, Automatic Negative Thoughts LP and Junction 10 7″ will play Glasgow at Nice N Sleazy on 22 August with BRATAKUS, BLÅGEN and ASBESTOS BEACH and Berlin on 25 August at Schicksaal-Tommyhaus with UNKIND, LIMP BLITZKRIEG and DRIP OF LIES.

Follow the event pages for Glasgow and Berlin.

SANCTUS PROPAGANDA hope to see some special releases accompanying the gigs.  Rumours say, something IS coming.