(review) DISCORDANCE – s/t LP



Welcome to the worst nightmare of all – reality!  This is how this record greets you and you may have heard it before from Hellraiser film, but you know now what to expect at least.

DISCORDANCE are a relatively new band, formed in 2015, from Patras, Greece.  And they are definitely not to be missed out.  It is a very well played hardcore punk the old school style.  If you look hard you will find a lot of resemblances, such as SCRAPS, for example.  Which, for me at least, is a great advantage as not many bands these days play such clear hardcore with easy to hear lyrics.  Speaking of which, you will understand them if you know Greek, but you can judge what they are about by looking at the title translations provided, ie. Chernobyl or State Prison.  Politically oriented and anti music mainstream to put it in a nutshell.  The songs are well joined by the English language samples, that put you nicely into the songs, the topic and the whole atmosphere.  And the climate they create is full of anger, rebellion at the injustice of the world we all live it.

There is ony one problem with this record – it is too short.

Food Waste Records, Scullcrasher Records, Now or Never Records, Pasidaryk Pats Records