161 Fest #5 in Warsaw: 20-21 March 2020

161 Fest #5 is going to be the first biggest festival to take place in 2020 in Poland.  It’s a two-dayer, in Warsaw, 20-21 March, a benefit for antifascist group 161 Crew with 7 bands altogether.  It’s quite a happening as this is going to be the first ever DISAFFECT gig in Europe after their […]

SEDITION / BRATAKUS / REALITY CRISIS – Nagoya, 14 January 2019

Third and the last show of this epic tour took place at the Red Dragon, near Sakae Station in a 5-storey building. The venue is located on the top floor and by the time I arrived (about 6pm when the gig was supposed to start) it had already been filled with 200+ people, so navigating […]

SEDITION / BRATAKUS / REALITY CRISIS – Yokohama, 13 January 2019

Yokohama greeted me with sunshine but also with no-one speaking English and difficulties finding something vegan to eat.  Nevermind.  The evening was coming and it was the second out of 3 SEDITION / BRATAKUS / REALITY CRISIS gigs on their “Earthbeats To Destruction 2” tour in Japan. In contrast to Tokyo, the venue is located in […]


First gig for SEDITION and BRATAKUS in Japan ever, first time in Japan for me as well. Nothing will describe how anxious, and excited at the same time, I was about the trip. Best things grow out of spontaneity. When the Scots announced their tour, I instantly tried to weasel out of my everyday duties […]



  BRATAKUS from Scotland (interviewed here, reviewed here and here) and GAY PANIC DEFENCE also from Scotland (reviewed here) team up on this benefit release to give their sincere support to Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland. Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland is located in Central Scotland in Clyde Valley ands is a rescue animal sanctuary. In short, […]