War//Plague new album! We’ve heard it!

It’s been 4 years since WAR//PLAGUE dropped their third album “Into The Depths” which we considered the album of the year 2018, reviewed here and we released it on CD (available here). The bar was raised very high and the expectations are high! Born out of the ashes of the Minneapolis underground in 2008, WAR//PLAGUE continue […]

O.D.R.A. – Duhgör CD

If you like your metal sludgy here is an interesting competitor in the genre many of you might be familiar with. With many albums on account in their two-decade history, here is a CD EP on Arcadian Industry, a second release on the label. Those who follow O.D.R.A will notice their musical development throughout the […]

SNAKE TONGUE – No Escape – No Excuse EP

Snake Tongue

  This is my first encounter with Linköping/Norrköping based SNAKE TONGUE. Some of you might be familiar with the band as they already have their debut album on account, released in 2016 on The Sign Records. Looks like they were quite busy after the debut release, touring Europe extensively and also flying over to Mexico […]


  OK, so two latest SANCTUS PROPAGANDA releases are just about to see the daylight. The covers for ORPHANAGE NAMED EARTH/THE THRONE split 12” should land tomorrow (or today for some of you already, orders come for all over the world) and inserts for HOMOMILITIA are being printed as I am told. So I went […]


PROP 010 WARWOUND needs no introduction.  Comprising founding members of SACRILEGE, THE VARUKERS, HELLKRUSHER and DECADENCE WITHIN this band dates back to 1982 when d-beat punk was taking shape.  Today, almost 40 years later WARWOUND blend what’s best in metal and punk and come up with 15 angry punk songs with a heavy SACRILEGE guitar, […]